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Law firms in Dubai or law firms in Abu Dhabi are Visit our legal service page for individuals and businesses, handling a range of legal issues related to commercial, civil, and criminal law, family law, etc. Criminal law is also practiced by a criminal defense attorney. Criminal lawyers are professionals at defending individuals, organizations, and businesses accused of committing crimes. Family lawyers in Dubai provide legal assistance and advice for matters such as divorce, adoption child custody, and inheritance disputes. In addition to conducting criminal matters, most defense attorneys also represent clients. Whether or not they are prosecuting people who violate the law, i.e., those who have been charged with a variety of offences. Criminal attorneys play a key role in the court system of our society. They will be defending or prosecuting a criminal suspect. Attorneys for the defense of the accused labor impartially and fairly to protect their client’s legal rights. This encompasses all aspects of crime, including vehicular crime, money laundering, etc. Criminal law also oversees the punishment and relocation of lawbreakers.